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Hawaii is the name for a number of islands in the central Pacific Ocean. It is one of the fifty United States of America. There are over one million permanent residents. It has two official languages: English and Hawaiian.

Hawaii is an attractive destination for tourists. It has beautiful beaches and friendly people. The climate is tropical. It has active volcanoes.

Hawaii has a nickname: the Aloha State. The original meaning of “aloha” was affection, love, peace, compassion. Today it is used as “hello”.

The capital is Honolulu and it is on the island O’ahu. The famous Waikiki beach is in Honolulu. Pearl Harbor is on this island too. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, the USA participated in World War II.

Important influences of Hawaiian culture is the popular “hula”, a typical Polynesian dance, and the “ukulele”, a small guitar instrument introduced by the Portuguese immigrants in the 19 th century.