Karen Norton is a student. She lives in London with her family. She is twenty and she studies architecture at the University of Westminster. Karen’s parents are teachers. She’s got a brother. Karen and her brother love music, they can play the guitar.

On Saturdays, she usually gets up late and cleans her room. After lunch, she studies and in the evening, she always goes out with her friends. On Sundays, she stays home. She listens to music and studies in her room.


Last weekend was special. On Saturday it was her birthday. She went to a Chinese restaurant and had lunch with her family. In the afternoon, she had a birthday party. There were a lot of her friends. They listened to music and danced. It was a fantastic party! She went to bed very late. On Sunday, she stayed home but she didn’t study. She was very tired. She sat on the sofa, relaxed and watched TV all day.