Audrey Hepburn, one of Hollywood’s legends, was a talented British actress and a UNICEF ambassador. Today, she is still considered as a fashion icon and a symbol of elegance.

Audrey was born in Belgium in 1929. Her British father and Dutch mother were divorced when she was six years old. During World War II, she lived in the Netherlands with her mother. She started studying ballet at the age of five. In
1948, They moved to England where she continued her ballet studies and started working as a model and as an actress. After Audrey’s performance in the movie Roman Holiday (1953) with Gregory Peck, she became a famous international star. Some of her most popular movies are: Sabrina (1954), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) and My fair Lady (1964).

Audrey married the American actor, Mel Ferrer, in 1954. They had a son, Sean, born in 1960. Divorced in 1968, Audrey remarried to an Italian psychiatrist, Andrea Dotti, and had a son, Luca, in 1970. She divorced her second husband in 1982.

The last five years of her life, she worked as a UNICEF Ambassador helping children in poor countries. She visited communities of Africa, South America and Asia. She spoke five languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Italian. In 1992, at the age of sixty-three, she died of cancer at her home in Switzerland.