Read the text and answer the questions:

My name’s Nora. I’m married, I’ve got a daughter and I work as a receptionist at a dentist’s office. My everyday routine is always very busy.

Yesterday, I had a terrible day. I only slept two or three hours because Mary, my daughter, had a fever. I stayed home until the doctor came. I phoned my mother and she came home to stay with Mary. I usually start work at nine but yesterday I arrived at the office at half past ten.

When I finished work, I was very tired. I went to the supermarket and did the shopping. I went home walking. It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella. I got home completely wet, I read a story to Mary and I cooked dinner. Paul, my husband, did some housework. In the evening, he watched a film on TV but I took an aspirin and went to bed. I was exhausted.

Today, Mary is going to school. She is fine but I am not well. I have a fever and a headache, the doctor is coming to see me