LINGUASKILL – Lectura ampliada (nivel B1)

Read the text and the questions below. For each question, choose the correct letter A, B, C or D


A hotel under the sea

Want to sleep under the sea? The company Planet Ocean has plans for an exciting underwater hotel, which they hope to build in locations all over the world.

The hotel won’t be large, with only 12 guest rooms, plus a restaurant. Guests will get to the hotel in a lift – so no diving or getting wet! The hotel will float 10 metres under the ocean, although it will be attached to the sea bed to prevent it from moving too far. Because it won’t be very deep under the water, the sun will shine down and provide light. Guests will get great close-up views of the fish and other sea creatures, which won’t be bothered by the hotel and so won’t make any effort to avoid it.

The hotel’s design, with walls made of clear plastic, means that when you are in your room, you will see the sea in front of you, behind you, above and below you. You will almost get the feeling that you are swimming in the ocean. The luxury rooms will have excellent facilities, including a shower, TV and even the Internet. The restaurant will serve high quality meals. However, Planet Ocean want to encourage people to eat less fish, so you won’t find any on the menu. The atmosphere will be completely silent though, so you will have to imagine the sound of the ocean around you.

The hotel won’t be cheap to build, and it won’t be cheap to stay in. But the designers are especially proud of the fact that it will be environmentally friendly. It will use electricity, of course, but it will produce its own, and won’t disturb ocean life at all. In fact, the designers hope some sea creatures will build their homes on parts of the building, which will bring real benefits to the underwater world.