You will hear a photographer called Ian Gerrard talking about his career. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Write your answers on a separate sheet, then check if they are correct! 


The subject that Ian studied at university was (9) ______

Ian did a presentation on (10) ______ as part of his final year.

Ian worked for a (11) ______  in the USA for a year after leaving university.

When he travelled around the USA, Ian chose (12) ______  as the theme for his photographs.

Ian says that (13) ______   is the season when he takes the best photographs.

When Ian came back to Britain, he travelled around by (14) ______  taking photographs.

Ian says he was surprised by how few photographers specialise in shots of (15) ______  communities.

Ian’s book will be available in bookshops in (16) ______  next year.

The title of Ian’s book is (17) ______ .

Ian has chosen (18) ______  as the theme of his next tour.