You are given a piece of audio and some text with spaces. For questions 1-10, complete the sentences.

Write your answers on a separate sheet, then check if they are correct! 




A (1) ________ of the Netherlands was once legally part of Scotland.

The Netherlands was chosen because it was considered to be a (2) ________ country. 

While this land was under Scottish administration, it had Scottish (3) ________ officers.

This land was finally returned to the Netherlands after the trial and a subsequent (4) ________.

Two Scottish islands are famous for having the shortest regularly (5) ________ commercial flight between them.

The distance between these two islands is about the same as the (6) ________ of the airport of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas is said to be the most remote (7) ________ place on earth.

The inhabitants of St Helena can only get off the island by (8) ________ a ride on a fishing boat.

Victoria island in Canada is famous for having the most (9) ________ island in the world.

It is impossible to access Point Roberts from the US without (10) ________ into Canada.