Look at the sentences below about a man who got lost in the Rocky Mountains.

Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, mark A.

If it is incorrect, mark B.

Lost in the Rocky Mountains


Fifty- four- year- old scientist Bob Rigsby was lost for five days in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, and was only rescued after a mobile phone call to his wife, Shirley, over 8,000 km away in England.


Bob, a British wildlife expert, had been in Vancouver, Canada, giving a talk at a conference on the environment. When it was over, he travelled to the Rocky Mountains and checked into The Maple Leaf hotel. He then set off on a short walk to look at the local plant and animal life. After a couple of hours, he realised he had taken a wrong turning on the mountain path, but was sure he could easily get back to the hotel. Even when night fell, he remained confident.


But, after walking for several hours the next day, it became clear to Bob that he was in trouble. ‘I had my mobile phone with me, but the battery was almost dead. I thought I could probably make just one call but I didn’t know the number of my hotel and I didn’t want to worry my family unless I really had to.’ Bob carried on walking for three more days. He knew which wild plants he could safely eat and he had little trouble finding them. When he was thirsty he drank from streams.


On the fourth day, he reached a forest that he knew he had walked through the previous day. His heart sank. He realised it was hopeless and decided to call his family in England. ‘He was quite calm when he spoke to me on the phone,’ says Shirley. ‘He appeared to be in control of the situation, in spite of everything. He’d been lost a few times before, but never for so many days – that’s why this time was different.’ She immediately contacted The Maple Leaf hotel, after a quick call to the Canadian embassy in London to get its phone number. ‘We’re always anxious if our guests are away for a long time,’ says Greg McCaffrey, the hotel’s owner. ‘But that week several of our English visitors had gone to the city for a few days to watch the hockey games, and we thought Mr Rigsby had gone too.’ As soon as Shirley phoned, hotel staff called the rescue service, who sent out a search party for the scientist. They found him in a cave some hours later, very tired, but, apart from some cuts and scratches, quite unhurt.


‘I’ve learnt my lesson,’ says Bob. ‘I admit I was stupid to set off like that without a guide. I never want an experience like that again!’