Read the following text about the horoscope. Match each sign with the sentence that best describes it. There are two sentences that do not match any of the paragraphs.



Aries loves the challenge and does not back away from a good fight. Natives of this sign are noted for their aggressive ways, their leadership qualities, and a certain take-charge manner. They are constantly on the go, with a seemingly endless supply of energy.


Natives of this sign are slow, steady, earthy, and rather fixed in opinion. They need time to take in and digest new ideas and concepts. Taurus likes beautiful things such as jewellery, artwork, well-furnished apartments, and stylish, attractive clothing. But mostly, Taurus just likes things, that which exists in the material world, because they can be touched and admired.


Home, mother, food – these are some of this emotional sign’s values. The home is the protective shelter where Cancer hides when the world and all its problems are just too overwhelming. Cancer is the sign of the emotions, for like the tides of the ocean, this sign swells with highs and lows of emotional pulse.

  1. LEO

This is the sign of self-consciousness and ego, and it is not pure accident that many of these natives enjoy the theater and the movies, for Leo is the sign of entertainment. Leo’s aim to be everybody’s focus of attention grows out of a strength of will and the passion of the heart for self-recognition. They have a great deal of loyalty to those whom they love and their affections are generally firm and lasting.


It’s hard to get beneath the surface of a Scorpio, for they hide their emotions from others in a self-protective strategy designed to keep from surrendering control to another. Scorpio is known for great strength and a surface reserve that when penetrated yields great treasures, a stubborn nature.


Noted for being quite adaptable to new ideas and for versatility, this sign is almost always on the go. Their many ideas are often expressed with a sense of humor. They seem to like just about everybody, and have some difficulties focusing on only one partner in a romantic relationship.


It is the sign of big companies, large corporations, and serious pursuits. Capricorn is also associated with how others see you, your reputation, and your parents. They are strong, patient, and very skillful when they are the boss. Material affairs and steady concentration of effort are more important to this sign than to any other.


It rules the common man, medicine, electricity, inventions, and the forward movement of mankind into the world of the future. Aquarians are interested in evolution and the future. They can be quite fixed in their ideas and detached in their emotional relationships, for they approach life through the mind.