Part 2

Questions 6 – 10
For each question, choose the correct answer.

The people below all want to find a book to read.
On the opposite page there are eight book reviews.
Decide which book would be the most suitable for the people below.

Book reviews

A – Being Me
This book is full of practical advice for anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. Famous sports people have contributed their favourite recipes, and you’ll also find instructions for a daily exercise routine.

B – Endless Days
In this book, the novelist tells the true story of the first pilots to fly across the Atlantic. With plenty of photographs and a detailed discussion of the importance of these events for the modern world, the book successfully brings history to life for readers everywhere.

C – Action Plan
Action Plan is all about famous athletes, and there are some amazing photos of them competing. There are also lots of interviews about what they’ve done to succeed in their careers. You’ll find out about things like the food they eat, the number of hours they train, and what they do to prepare for important competitions.

D – Memories
The prize-winning author of Memories is famous for his unusual writing style and exciting adventure stories. In this book, he takes us on a journey around the world and teaches us a lot about other cultures and their histories. He describes sorne of the world’s most beautiful nature, as well as the many interesting people he has met.

E – Days in the Sun
In this book, a well-known author describes his happy early life growing up on a small Irish farm and how travelling around the countryside inspired him to become an author. He describes in detail how he improved his style, and his experiences will interest anyone who is hoping to get their own work published.

F – Parrots in Paradise
This newly published adventure story is about a young girl who’s lost on a beautiful island with only birds and animals for company. The story deals
with some of the difficulties she has, but there’s also lots of excitement. lf you love well-written fiction, this book’s for you!

G – Night Light
In Night Light, the writer tells us how he became a world-class athlete. He talks about his life as a blind person, and describes the challenges he faced on his way to the top in the world of sports. The book is written in an entertaining and amusing style, which makes it a very enjoyable read.

H – Our Lives
This is the perfect book if you’re interested in how people live in different parts of the world. lt also includes recipes for traditional meals from these places. There are wonderful photos, not only of the people, but also of the wildlífe and scenery in each location.