Part 2

Questions 6 – 10
For each question, choose the correct answer.

The young people on the opposite page all want to visit a shopping mall.
There are descriptions of eight shopping malls bellow.
Decide which mall would be the most suitable for the people.

Shopping malls

A – Eastfields: There’s plenty to do here once you’re tired of shopping – lots of cafés, great music and three cinemas! And the mall’s always worth a visit as the ceiling is made of beautiful designer glass, with wonderful lights at night. Many shops sell special goods to remind you of your visit. 

B – Silverland: This mall was once one of the biggest department stores in the city. It now has large stores, a huge cinema and a sports centre. Shoppers are entertained by music during the day, and at night, the whole building is lit with coloured stars. There’s plenty of room to park here, too.

C – SW2: This mall has plenty of cafés serving a huge range of food when you want a break from shopping. It’s also famous for the amazing way the big shops decorate their windows with the latest fashions. And rock and pop play constantly to accompany you during your visit.

D – Springton: There are great places to sit and eat here, and also to buy food to make international dishes of every kind. The inside of the mall is amazing, with original artworks and fresh flowers decorating the walls. The shops’ fashion displays are also worth seeing.

E – Green Gardens: This unusual mall only has individual stores run by small shop owners. It also offers a not-to-be-missed indoor market built in the 17th century. It’s the place to go if you want up-to-date fashions, wonderful jewellery and souvenirs, at some of the lowest prices in town.

F – Blue River: This mall is an amazing sight once the sun’s gone down, as it has displays with thousands of coloured lights! Its international food shops and cafés are the best for miles – ideal for people who love making unusual meals! It’s convenient to get to, too – there’s a train and bus station nearby. 

G – Kennerton: This mall, which was once the city’s famous covered market, is popular with visitors for its souvenir shops – many of which are small, and
also sell top-quality jewellery and unusual old music CDs at bargain prices. It’s easy to reach by bus and car, as it’s close to the motorway. 

H – Camberley: This mall is located in an area famous for dealing in gold and precious stones for centuries. It’s the perfect place for a special bracelet or necklace. It also has a cinema and an indoor skating rink. Parking is free for visitors in the large car park.