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The Staffordshire Hoard

Terry Herbert’s hobby was looking for treasure, especially gold. He looked for eighteen years and found nothing important. Then one day he did! Over five days, Terry found hundreds of pieces of gold and silver treasure in a square green field not far from his house.

The field belonged to a farmer called Fred Johnson. Fred and Terry couldn’t keep this national treasure, but they received a lot of money for finding it. They shared more than three million pounds! The farmer built a new house with his half money.

The treasure is called the Staffordshire Hoard. There are more that 3,500 pieces of gold and silver, all from the 7th or 8th centuries. Nobody knows why the treasure was in the field. Some pieces are quite small, including some beautiful gold fish and snakes. Every piece is amazing!

Most of this wonderful old treasure is at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Sometimes travelling exhibitions take pieces of the treasure to different parts of the UK and the world. Terry Herbert gives talks about how he found the treasure. At these talks it is possible to look at photos and copies of some of the treasure but Terry doesn’t bring any of it with him.