You will hear a radio programme about the history of roller skating. For questions  9-18, complete the sentences.


Write your answers on a separate sheet, then check if they are correct! 

History of roller skating

The country where the first roller skates were probably made was (9)____________ .


 In 1760, John Merlin went to a ball in London playing a (10)___________  whilst on roller skates.


 Unfortunately, John Merlin injured himself when he broke a (11) __________ at the ball. 


 In Germany, roller skating was used in a ballet called (12) ________ . 


James Plimpton’s invention helped roller skaters to control the (13) _______  of their skates.


 The first team sport to be played on roller skates was (14) __________ . 


 In Detroit in 1937, the first (15) ________  in the sport took place.


 The use of plastics meant that both the (16) ________ and ________ of roller skates improved. 


 The musical Starlight Express was seen by as many as (17) _______ in London. 


 The speaker says that modern roller skates are now (18) ________ than ever before.